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  • Customer Relationship Management (Cloud & On-premise)

    BreezeCRM will help you to grow your business relationships and measure the return on Investments for your business activities.

    BreezeCRM is a cloud-based user-friendly, interactive and affordable customer relationship management solution that helps you to build a customer-centered business from marketing right through to sales, customer service and business analysis with insights that helps in decision making.

    The application is an integrated platform that enables your business acquire, retain, and satisfy customers without stress

    Why should your team use a BreezeCRM?

    Using BreezeCRM system gives your team the tools to manage multiple deals and contacts effectively. In other words, it gets them organized.

    Collaborating on a deal will become a breeze as you will always have a clear overview of a deal’s progress, the communication history with your clients so you don’t accidentally email them twice on the same subject, and the steps necessary to push it towards a close.

    5 Reasons why BreezeCRM is the ideal choice for your businesses

    1. Give your team the tools they need to succeed

    Identify, track, and optimize contacts and opportunities to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

    2. Simple navigation and User friendly

    3. Access of the CRM application, anytime, anywhere.

    Today’s business takes place inside and outside the office and beyond the office hours, with our cloud based CRM enables your team to access critical customer information anytime, anywhere.

    4. Gain valuable business insight.

    BreezeCRM supports management with access to Data-driven intelligent reports about your business KPIs in real-time so you can see how your business is performing and take corrective action when needed. Important information (KPIs, charts, reports and leaderboards) that gives you a real time image of their business and your customers.

    5. Build long-term customer relationships

    Business thrives on relationships Build your business by building and improving the relationships you have with your leads and customers. Organize and automate the points of contact and the communications between your business and your customers, with all the relevant customer-facing departments


    Accounts Management
    Contacts Management
    Leads & Opportunity Management
    Activity Management
    Document Management
    Alerts, Reminders & Emails

    Drive revenue growth by managing opportunities and customers with a flexible and affordable Customer Relationship Management software, BreezeCRM.