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  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business management software used by companies to collect, manage and analyze data concerning various aspects of business, all from within one unified system. An ERP system provides an integrated view of all core business processes, from supply chain management and sales pipeline to customer service and accounting, taking into consideration information from every part of the company and any type of transaction. Real time workflow and reporting tools of a modern ERP provide timely and accurate information to business managers for informed decision making.

    Real solution that effect change in your business life

    Having Your business processes consolidated on a unified and simplified platform for easier control has never been more important than now. BreezeERP is here to put you fully in charge, without costing you a fortune. Get your business life smarter

  • Made in Africa With you in Mind

    Africa’s economy is growing but uncertainty remains for organizations doing business in it; even as executives make investment decisions to grow their businesses, they continue to look for ways to squeeze greater efficiency from their operations while minimizing costs to remain agile and competitive. They recognize that technology plays a huge role to achieve their goals and one important area where organizations can use technology to improve revenue is by integrating the applications they use in their front-office and back-office operations. BreezeERP has been built with you in mind, easily customizable to fit into your perculiar business process.

    Benefits of Your Business

  • Simple as you grow your business
  • lowest total cost of ownership
  • Get the insight you need when you need it
  • Fast and efficient Business management
  • freedom of choice
  • real time information for decision